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Mama Magic Bath Salt

Designer: Wild Rose Botanicals

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a bath salt filled to the brim with beautiful florals and healing essential oils to guide you in connection to a more present and intentional motherhood. 

each ingredient was mindfully chosen for gorgeous mamas in mind — salts and essential oils that are known to reduce inflammation, ease discomfort and itching, prevent infection, and encourage tissue repair.

this blend of sweet lavender, roman chamomile, ylang ylang + yarrow essential oils specifically to enhance your divine mama energy. a herbal bath to allow mum to reflect on her journey and continue to take gentle care of herself. our hope is that Mama Magic bath salts will bring about a restorative and relaxing space for mum. 

fill the tub with hot water, sprinkle a generous 1/4 cup (2 oz.) salt blend into warm bath water or into the reusable muslin tea bag provided. you can either toss the sachet in the tub or hang it from the spout. relax and breathe deep. 

TIP: don't run the bath water too hot. though the heat can be soothing, temperatures that are too high will make your pores close, preventing absorption of any minerals. in addition, hot baths will make you sweat, just like a sauna, and you may feel tired or sluggish from dehydration. ideal bath temperature is tepid to warm.

store in cool, dry location. 


Pink Himalayan, Dead Sea + Epsom Salts. Organic Sweet Almond Oil. Lavender, Yarrow, Roman Chamomile + Ylang Ylang Organic Essential Oils. Dried Damascus Rose, Cornflower, Lavender + Poppies

5 oz 

all natural • vegan • organic | made with love in ireland