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Wild Rose Botanicals offers all natural beauty products handmade with love in Ireland by us, Rachel and Rob. We are a married couple who are Mama and Papa by day, and a soap making duo by night; but our story is so much more than soap and suds.


Originally from bright and sunny southern California, Rachel found herself in Ireland as a single mom studying abroad for her degree in art history. She fell in love with a charming and handsome Irish man who had some kiddos of his own, and they soon joined forces and families. Since then, they have added three more sweet babes to their clan.

Rachel and Rob share a deep connection for a natural and simple life filled with art, nature, and using their hands to create. Rob is a jack of all trades, handyman, and the brains of the operation, while Rachel brings the magic to the product.
Throughout her life, artistic passions have consumed Rachel. She is usually found either covered in paint or clay, a camera or sewing needle in hand, or weaving something. Since they were married, their passions combined into the creative outlet of soap making and Wild Rose Botanicals was born.

Wild Rose Botanicals offers soap made from the traditional cold process technique. It's the perfect way to honor and incorporate everything that Rachel and Rob love and believe in. From the first gentle stirring of oils to the final cut of soap, they handcraft all of their products using only the finest 100% natural and organic ingredients from the wilderness. All of Wild Rose Botanicals products are eco-friendly, vegan, and organic and they are produced in a way that is safe for both your family and the environment.


Through Wild Rose Botanicals we are passionate about introducing others to skincare products that are cleansing, beneficial and beautiful without harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients!

We hope you love our products with as much love that goes into creating them.

Rachel and Rob

Wild Rose Botanicals