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Lullaby Liquid Castile Soap

Designer: Wild Rose Botanicals

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our popular castile soap with lavender essential oil just for baby. washing little ones has never been more natural or gentler. 

castile soap is an ancient form of soap making dating back as far as the greeks and to the cradle of the levant where aleppo soap makers used simple ingredients of olive and laurel oil to create a hard soap bar. now while the name historically comes from the castilian region of spain and the use of only olive oil in modern terms today it encompasses a more general acceptance that the soap is made with vegetable oils rather than animal fat. 

we have formulated a perfect balance of both cleansing and nourishing, gentle + simple oils of organic unrefined coconut, jojoba, sweet almond, and sunflower oils. like all good things that take time we use a cold process method to create our liquid castile soap. the soap is made through a process called saponification, it is left untouched and then distilled water is poured over allowing the soap to liquify naturally leaving the gentle oils undisturbed keeping all their therapeutic benefits intact. the final step is stirring in organic essential oils leaving you with a 100% natural, enviornmentally friendly, bio-degradable soap. packaged in a beautiful amber glass bottle to be reused, repurposed + recycled. 

a truly multi-purpose soap – face and body wash, shampoo, household cleanser, dishwasher + laundry detergent, pet shampoo, and delicate enough for the sweetest + tiniest of humans.


Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba , Organic Sweet Almond Oil + Sunflower Oil. Lavender Organic Essential Oils

 250 ml

 all natural • vegan • organic | made with love in Ireland