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Assorted Cold Process Soap Bars

Designer: Wild Rose Botanicals

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Each batch of our soap is made by hand with completely natural ingredients, poured in small batches + handcut in our studio, and then wrapped with great care + loads of love.

our offerings sometimes change*

Limited Edition Fairyland Cottage - sweet + simple, a breath of fresh country air much like it’s inspiration of the wicklow mountains. crisp and fragrant rosemary, paired with floral notes of lavender + bergamot calls to where the irish sea meets the wild garden of ireland.

Irish Wildflower - we believe all good things are wild + free. this soap embodies the rolling hills of irish lavender to soothe your soul while sweet lemon stimulates your senses.

California Dreamin - a groovy soap that captures memories of home. that feeling of the warm sun on your face, throw the top down + take your skin for a pacific coast drive

Santorini - a soap perfect for all your post-summer blues, transporting you back to where cliffs adorned by drifts of whitewashed buildings with blue tops that effortlessly touch the sea + sky. The scent of lemon + eucalyptus, breath deeply, as the wonderfully fresh + bright smells melt your stress away and float you away. 

Gypsy Soul - for all the wanderers with gypsy souls pack your bags for an earthy + exotic adventure. lose yourself in the smells of mystical patchouli + delicate citrus a truly magical soap for free spirits.

Limoncello - your bright, sunshiny bar of happy! you can't help but smile using this bar with the gentle exfoliation of blue poppy seeds you'll feel lemon fresh + ready to take on the day! 

Moonshadow - like a sweet lullaby, in the glowing light of the moon, let the stress of the day melt away as you lather up gentle nourishing bubbles and let calming dreamy vapors lull your senses and beautiful floral essential oils transform from your shower into a luxurious and peaceful oasis. 

Desert Rose - a sweet + spicy comforting aroma of vanilla, orange, bergamot + lemongrass. let this soap draw you in on an enticingly mysterious journey, to an unforgettable desert sunset. 

Chai Latte - the warm and spicy blend of clove, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg will leave you feeling warm and cozy like being wrapped in your favorite blanket by the fire on a crisp autumn day.  

Tea Tree - don’t get down and dirty get green and clean with refreshing tea tree and invigorating lemon essential oil. so don’t sweat the small stuff, send bad juju from the gym down the shower drain.

Misrule + Magic - disrupt your daily bathing ritual and revel in the pleasure of the garden of earthy delights. inhale the spicy herbal blend of patchouli, black pepper with the complexity of sweet vanilla essential oil to tickle the senses. lather up in the mystery + magic.

Central Perk - gather around like your favorite cast of friends for your morning cup o’ joe. the one where you get a good scrub from exfoliating coffee grounds. caffeine, always there for you. 

Rebel - a soap for the hunky man in your life. little woodsy + warm scented with rosemary, pine, patchouli + cinnamon essential oils.

Sayulita - dreaming of a summer vacation on the warm sandy beaches of the sleepy village of sayulita, a dreamy bohemian bar of lemon + grapefruit and heady florals. 

Rosemary’s Baby - wake up and get minty fresh with exhilarating rosemary, peppermint + spearmint essential oils.

Ingredients: Saponified Oils of Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil + Organic Raw Shea Butter. 

Plant Based Color Infusions + Organic Essential Oil Blends

*we make multiple bars throughout the year that change or are seasonal*


all natural • vegan • organic | made with love in ireland